Fragments recovered

Fragments recovered from The Modern History of Chicago, Third Edition, by Edward Lorne.   Corner House—at intersections of good repute, a semi-public place where people from two or more blocks meet to arrange their affairs, both personal and corporate. Cornlands—To the south and west the mutations are the most fearsome and malign. Dense forests of […]

Barristers and the Courts

If one of the overwhelming themes of seventh century history is the political intrigues of the Great Lakes Cities and their colorful rulers, then any examination of their inner workings must include a detailed study of the various interlocking systems of law that regulated and defined conflict in and between the great Municipalities. Legal talent […]

Some True Legends of the Lakes

Lyle the Merciless: Legendary Sky Pirate (4) Tenor (1) Sailmaker (3) Lacrosse Coach (2) Lyle is currently between airships, but his reputation is rock solid. He thinks he sings much better than he does. He got his start sewing sails and gasbags. Trying to start a lacrosse revival. Marion Jedwich: Block Captain (4) Mummerlord (3) […]

Three Representative Municipalities

Saginaw Bay—A teeming hive of apple strudel and villainy, a sheltered and well-defended deep port, but a primitive aerodrome. Saginaw Bay’s small navy and network of privateers make it a key player on Lake Huron, but not a dominant one. Although Lord Mayor Petrie has embarked on an ambitious plan to “update” the City Zeppelin […]

City Life in the Seventh Century ME

Mummers—Parades of outlandish dinosaur costumes, suggestive dancers, precision lawnmower drill teams, banjo players, marching bagpipe-bands, and staggering quantities of food and drink, leading to the central stadiums, there to be judged by the grandest of poobahs. The principal venue in which neighborhoods, barrios, wards or districts compete in public. Neighborhoods work the entire year to […]

Zeppelins and Frigates of Renown

The Eldritch Pickle—Commissioned at the Duluth Aerodrome in 624 M.E., the Pickle is a light Zeppelin with integrated steering appendages and a surprising cargo capacity. Ships complement is six: captain, steersman, gunner/bombardier, navigator, and two handlers (or passengers). The pale green color scheme provides excellent camouflage during Nape Of the Earth flights along the algae-choked […]

Societies (Secret and otherwise)

Orgelbauern des Gitchee Gumee—The jealously guarded secrets of the pipe-organ builders of Wisconsin and Illinois are known to only the eighth circle of this secretive and much-feared organization. In the late 5th century, the Orgelbauern first showed their hand when the Lord Mayor of Toledo’s infant heir disappeared during the hypnotizing final passages of Widor’s […]

Character Creation and Clichés

Build your characters as per the basic Risus rules. Double-pumping and funky dice are not recommended. Hooks and Tales are fine. You could add in Society dice (in place of Questing dice). Players may grant their character membership in one of the many societies of the Musical Era. If chosen, the player may spend (only) […]